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Muja Juma 

Julia Cabral started making jewellery when she was just a little girl. She made pretty little earrings to give to her friends. It started out as playtime, but she always had the concept that each piece should be a little treasure to cherish for herself or to give to someone special in her life.

Today, Julia still keeps that concept in mind with each piece that she creates. She works closely with artists in India who transform her drawings into the pieces she envisioned. Using sterling silver which can be gold plated and natural stones of various colors, each piece is handmade with care in factories that Julia has a strong personal relationship with. She ensures that working conditions are fair and equitable for the people working there.

Muja Juma jewellery is the culmination of a little girl's creative imagination, a woman's belief in fair business practice and lifelong desire to give beautiful gifts to special people in her life.