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Aurora Bra - Sunset Beige
Aurora Bra - Sunset Beige
Aurora Bra - Sunset Beige

Aurora Bra - Sunset Beige

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This lace trimmed soft-bra is the perfect choice if you are looking for a feminine, sexy and sustainable soft-bra. The bra gives the bust a nice and natural shape and a good support. It is easily adjusted to fit your specific needs for support and comfort.

* Padding free

* Adjustable fastening at the back, with two hooks

* Good option for women with bigger bust but small under bust

* No seams through the cups

* Adjustable shoulder straps

* The cups are made of GOTS certified organic cotton & trimmed with a regenerated lace fibre

* True to size.

• Made in Greece
• 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton
• Care instructions: Machine wash